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Taking prevalence effects on the road: Rare hazards are often missed.

Kosovicheva, A., Wolfe, J. M., Wolfe, B..

Psychonomic Bulletin & Review (2022) ▪ pdf data & materials

Peripheral vision in real-world tasks: A systematic review.

Vater, C., Wolfe, B., & Rosenholtz, R.

Psychonomic Bulletin & Review (2022) ▪ pdf supplemental data

Normal blindness: when we Look But Fail To See.

Wolfe, J. M., Kosovicheva, A., Wolfe, B.

Trends in Cognitive Sciences (2022) ▪ pdf


Effects of temporal and spatiotemporal cues on detection of dynamic road hazards.

Wolfe, B., Kosovicheva, A., Stent, S., & Rosenholtz, R.

Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications (2021) ▪ pdfdata & materials

Eye tracking in driver attention research -how gaze data interpretations influence what we learn.

Ahlström, C., Kircher, K., Nyström, M., & Wolfe, B.

Frontiers in Neuroergonomics (2021) ▪ pdf

Readability Research: An Interdisciplinary Approach.

Beier, S., Berlow, S., Boucaud, E., Bylinskii, Z., Cai, T., Cohn, J., ... & Wolfe, B.

arXiv preprint (2021) ▪ arXiv link pdf

Gravitational effects of scene information in object localization.

Kosovicheva, A. & Bex, P. J.

Scientific Reports (2021) ▪ pdfdata & materials


Towards a theory of visual information acquisition in driving.

Wolfe, B., Sawyer, B.D., & Rosenholtz, R.

Human Factors (2020) ▪ pdf

Glanceable, legible typography over complex backgrounds.

Sawyer, B.D., Wolfe, B., Dobres, J., Chahine, N., Mehler, B. & Reimer, B.

Ergonomics (2020) ▪ pdf

A dichoptic feedback-based oculomotor training method to manipulate interocular alignment.

Caoli, A., Sabatini, S., Gibaldi, A., Maiello, G., Kosovicheva, A., & Bex. P. J.

Scientific Reports (2020) ▪ pdfdata & materials

Perceptual effects of unequal saccadic adaptation produced by a dichoptic step.

Kosovicheva, A. & Bex, P. J.

Journal of Vision (2020) ▪ pdfdata & materials

Looking ahead: When do you find the next item in foraging visual search?

Kosovicheva, A., Alaoui-Soce, A., & Wolfe, J. M.

Journal of Vision (2020) ▪ pdfdata & materials

What color was it?: A psychophysical paradigm for tracking subjective progress in continuous tasks.

Kosovicheva, A., & Bex, P. J.

Perception (2020) ▪ article link pdfdata & materials


Effects of temporal frequency on binocular deficits in amblyopia.

Kosovicheva, A., Ferreira, A., Vera-Diaz, F. A., & Bex, P. J.

Vision Research (2019) ▪ pdfdata

Rapid Holistic Perception and Evasion of Road Hazards

Wolfe, B., Seppelt, B.D., Mehler, B., Reimer, B., & Rosenholtz, R.

Journal of Experimental Psychology: General (2019) ▪ pdfRoad Hazard Stimuli (described in the paper)

Detection of Brake Lights While Distracted: Separating Peripheral Vision from Cognitive Load.

Wolfe, B., Sawyer, B.D., Kosovicheva, A., Reimer, B., & Rosenholtz, R.

Attention, Perception and Psychophysics (2019) ▪ pdf

Predicting road scenes from brief views of driving video.

Wolfe, B., Fridman, L. Kosovicheva, A., Seppelt, B., Mehler, B., Reimer, B., & Rosenholtz, R.

Journal of Vision (2019) ▪ pdf


The effects of visual crowding, text size, and positional uncertainty on text legibility at a glance.

Dobres, J., Wolfe, B. A., Chahine, N., Reimer, B.

Applied Ergonomics (2018) ▪ pdf

Binocular temporal visual processing in myopia.

Vera-Diaz, F. A., Bex, P. J., Ferreira, A., & Kosovicheva, A.

Journal of Vision (2018) ▪ pdf data

Serial dependence in position occurs at the time of perception.

Manassi, M., Liberman, A., Kosovicheva, A., Zhang, K., & Whitney, D.

Psychonomic Bulletin & Review (2018) ▪ pdf

Unifying visual space across the left and right hemifields.

Chen, Z.*, Kosovicheva, A.*, Wolfe, B. A., Cavanagh, P., Gorea, A., & Whitney, D.

Psychological Science (2018) ▪ pdfdata & materials

(*co-first authors)


More Than the Useful Field: Considering Peripheral Vision in Driving.

Wolfe, B.A., Dobres, J., Rosenholtz, R., & Reimer, B.

Applied Ergonomics (2017) ▪ pdf

Stable individual signatures in object localization.

Kosovicheva, A. & Whitney, D.

Current Biology (2017) ▪ pdf

Perceiving The Roadway In The Blink Of An Eye – Rapid Perception Of The Road Environment And Prediction Of Events.

Wolfe, B., Fridman, L., Kosovicheva, A., Seppelt, B., Mehler, B., Reimer, B.

Driving Assessment (2017) ▪ pdf

Signs of the Times: An Empirical Assessment of the Legibility of Highway Gothic and Clearview Signage Fonts.

Dobres, J., Chrysler, S. T., Wolfe, B., Chahine, N., & Reimer, B.

Transportation Research Board (2017) ▪ pdf


Fast ensemble representations for abstract visual impressions.

Yamanashi Leib, A. Y., Kosovicheva, A., & Whitney, D.

Nature Communications (2016) ▪ pdf

Age-related differences in the legibility of degraded text.

Wolfe, B., Dobres, J., Kosovicheva, A., Rosenholtz, R., & Reimer, B.

Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications (2016) ▪ pdf

2015 and earlier

Foveal input is not required for ensemble perception of emotional faces.

Wolfe, B. A., Kosovicheva, A. A., Yamanashi Leib, A., Wood, K. & Whitney, D.

Journal of Vision (2015) ▪ pdf

Saccadic remapping of object-selective information.

Wolfe, B. A. & Whitney, D.

Attention, Perception and Psychophysics (2015) ▪ pdf

Facilitating recognition of crowded faces with presaccadic attention.

Wolfe, B. A. & Whitney, D.

Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (2014) ▪ pdf

Visual motion shifts saccade targets.

Kosovicheva, A. A., Wolfe, B. A., & Whitney, D.

Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics (2014) ▪ pdf

Cholinergic enhancement reduces orientation-specific surround suppression but not visual crowding.

Kosovicheva, A. A., Sheremata, S. L., Rokem, A., Landau, A. N. & Silver, M. A.

Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience (2012) ▪ pdf

The motion-induced shift in the perceived location of a grating also shifts its aftereffect.

Kosovicheva, A. A., Maus, G. W., Anstis, S. Cavanagh, P., Tse, P. U., & Whitney, D.

Journal of Vision (2012) ▪ pdf

Coping With Spatial Attention in Real Space: A Low-Cost Portable Testing System for the Investigation of Visuo-Spatial Processing in the Human Brain.

Wolfe, B.A., Rushmore, R.J., Valero-Cabre, A.

Journal of Neuroscience Methods (2010) ▪ pdf

Where does attention go when it moves?: Spatial properties and locus of the attentional repulsion effect.

Kosovicheva, A. A., Fortenbaugh, F. C., & Robertson, L. C.

Journal of Vision (2010) ▪ pdf

Multiscale pattern analysis of orientation-selective activity in the primary visual cortex.

Swisher, J.D., Gatenby, J.C., Gore, J.C., Wolfe, B.A., Moon, C.H., Kim, S.G. Tong., F.

Journal of Neuroscience (2010) ▪ pdf