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The APPLY Lab is looking for volunteers for our ongoing paid research studies on how we recognize and locate objects in everyday life. Volunteers will complete computer-based visual tasks in-person in our laboratory. Most sessions last up to 1.5 hours and pay $15 per hour. To view more details and to see available opportunities, visit the SONA website and click on "Request Account".

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Interested in working with us?



We welcome informal inquiries about postdoc opportunities in the lab. Please email Dr. Wolfe directly, and include your CV and a brief letter summarizing your work and your interest in the lab.


We are recruiting PhD students through the University of Toronto tri-campus graduate program in Psychology. To learn more about the program, please visit the U of T Psychology Department's website. For specific questions, please email Dr. Wolfe or Dr. Kosovicheva.


We encourage undergraduates interested in vision research to get in touch with us. For general inquiries about undergraduate research positions in the lab, please email Dr. Kosovicheva or Dr. Wolfe directly. We typically advertise for lab positions through several different programs, including UTM's Research Opportunities Program (ROP) and U of T's Work-Study program. Before reaching out to us , please see this table for a summary of undergraduate research opportunitites through our lab.